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Personalized customization

Personalized customization

Set research and development, design, manufacturing, service in one, has a research and development team of 30 experts can be customized according to customer needs and characteristics of LED display.

Project tender (strategic cooperation authorization)

Project tender (strategic cooperation authorization)

Rui Ling optoelectronics has been with a strong capability of independent bidding, with the 1000 companies to establish a strategic partner, can cooperate with the customer's authorization to bid.

  • Free training for lifetime maintenance

    24 hours home repair services, life-long after-sales service, received a service engineer 24 hours of service, and gift products manual.

  • Perfect service system

    Service force is the vitality of the brand, Rui Ling at home and abroad, with offices in more than and 50 cities and countries, the service network covering the world.

  • Reliable product quality

    12 production technology, road professional testing, access to ISO9001, 3C, 14001, CE, RoSH, ZRX and other quality system certification.

  • Free onsite installation and debugging

    Professional project team to guide the installation, commissioning, the program is determined, the two sides signed a contract, professional engineering team for your site installation services.

  • Hubei P5 indoor full color stage rental screen
  • Hubei P3 indoor full color LED HD Experience House
  • Shaoyang Municipal Auditorium P7.62 indoor full color LED display
  • Ganzhou, Jiangxi P10 indoor full color LED screen round
  • Macau, China, 30-degree angle LED P4 indoor full color
  • Hong Kong HD P2.5 Indoor full color electronic screen
  • Malaysia P5 indoor full color HD
  • Miami P6 indoor full color LED display
  • Miami P8 Outdoor SMD LED full color display
  • Hanoi Hotel P5 indoor full color LED display
  • Zhejiang P10 LED indoor sky screen
  • Zhejiang P10 LED indoor sky screen
  • Zhejiang P10 LED indoor sky screen
  • Zhejiang P10 LED indoor sky screen
  • Zhejiang P10 LED indoor sky screen
  • Zhejiang P10 LED indoor sky screen


Into the Rui Ling

Shenzhen Ruiling photoelectricity Co. Ltd. is located in Baoan District Yi Fenghua Wave Industrial Zone, covers an area of more than 6 thousand and 500 square meters. Annual production capacity of 86000 square. Annual sales of 200 million yuan.

is a collection of R & D, production, sales, service as one of the LED display high-tech enterprises. The company's main room inside and outside the whole screen of LED display screen, LED display module, and display and supporting the iron, aluminum, chemical fiber box. In the small spacing LED display and outdoor table display with the leading technology in the domestic leading technology. The color of indoor and outdoor full-color display produced by our company uniform long life, compared with similar products, energy saving 40%. Reasonable and practical structure, suitable for all regions at home and abroad to install and use, the price is moderate and stable and durable. Superior cost-effective to meet the various needs of customers.

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